Discovering Kenton School (Newcastle)
Article mis en ligne le 16 septembre 2011
dernière modification le 10 mai 2014

par Amélie BENEY

I have been contacted by an English colleague from Kenton School in Newcastle England to make some kind of project about school. What was amazing was that I was just begining a new sequence with my year 8 students on school ! How fabulous ! So Martin and I decided to film our students talking of their daily routine at school. My students asked various questions on the uniform or the timetables for example. Within a week, we had both received the other’s DVD, which of course we watched with our classes. This was a spontaneous and great project because I could show my students how was life in an English school and how were English teenagers like. We then decided to produce a second video : I made a film on my school to show everything that has to be seen in it (the canteen, the CPE office, the staff room...) and interviewed some of my colleagues to talk of their subjects.

Thanks again Martin because I just loved working with you !!!